Useful Information

Tourist Information

Marseille Tourism has plenty of information for your stay, including maps, brochures, public transport schedules available for download.

Visa Information

We will provide you with an invitation letter upon request after you have registered. We will include details on how to apply for the invitation letter in your registration confirmation email.

Please check the RIPE 76 visa page for more information about an entry visa for France.

Health and Safety

The medical services are good and pharmacies are plentiful.

Marseille is an overall safe city, however, like any major tourist city it is best to exercise caution in busy areas because of pickpockets.

Emergency services (ambulance/fire/police) – 112

Currency and Banking


France’s currency is Euro
Abbreviation: EUR


ATMs are available at the airport, inside and outside banks, metro stations, shopping malls and supermarkets.

Credit Cards

Major credit cards including American Express, Mastercard and Visa are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops.

Business Hours

Normal shopping hours are from 10:00–19:00.
Banks are usually open Monday to Friday from 08:30–17:00

Time Zone

In May, France operates on UTC+1.


EU standard: 220V 50 Hz – round two-pin plugs.


In May, the average temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius with moderate rainfall.