Thursday, 17 May

Day four of RIPE 76 featured another full day of RIPE Working Group sessions. Without a doubt, RIPE 76 is the largest RIPE Meeting to-date with 707 checked in at the end of the day (200 of those first-time attendees).

Thursday’s RIPE Working Group session highlights:

Routing WG

  • The ARTEMIS project (funded by the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund) showed a new way to quickly counter BGP hijacks
  • A new idea to prevent IP address spoofingusing a new BGP community to set BGP local preference metric to zero
  • A proposal to use AS-Cones to bring the functionality of AS-sets to RPKI – with a mix of positive and negative feedback from the audience on the idea 

Cooperation WG

Anti-Abuse WG

Open Source WG




After the working group sessions, a BoF was held to discuss the needs of government and large organisations when it comes to IPv6 address allocations and ASN assignments, followed by dinner at the Stock Exchange Palace at the heart of the historical centre of Marseilles.

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