Open Source Working Group

Thursday, 17 May 11:00 - 12:30

A. Administrative Matters
Working Group Chairs
  • Welcome
  • Finalise agenda
  • Approval of minutes from previous WG meeting(s)
B. Three Is the Magic Number: the RPKI Validator Born Again
Tim Bruijnzeels, RIPE NCC

The RIPE NCC RPKI Validator 2.x series is widely used by operators who are implementing RPKI validation in their networks. However, there are a number of issues with the 2.x architecture: it is memory hungry, needs to be installed manually, and the code has become difficult to maintain and is not conducive to community contributions. Therefore, we created the 3.x series of the validator, for which we now have a release candidate. This version has the same features as before but comes with improvements in terms of architecture and operations. In this talk, we will give a quick overview of the new version, how you can use it in your network, and how you can use or contribute to the code. As before, this software is open source, using a BSD-style license, and is available on GitHub:
C. One year of FRRouting
Martin Winter, NetDEF

FRRouting forked a year ago and recently released version 4.0. A look back at the progress and activities and new features from the past year.
D. Open-only networking
Alex Saroyan, XCloud Networks

Experiences on practical end-to-end datacenter deployment purely based on open networking gear and software
E. Turris Mox OSHW
Ondrej Filip, CZ.NIC

CZ.NIC has successfully developed an open source (SW and HW) SOHO router called Turris Omnia. The next step of the project is to develop a modular SOHO router named Turris MOX. The talk will introduce a concept of the hardware and software and it will mention a crowdfunding campaign related to the project.
F. OS-WG Lightning Talks

These are short updates on different relevant OpenSource projects. They should be 5 mins (preferably) with a maximum of 10 mins (if space allows). No formal submission required ahead of RIPE 76, but please send a short message to opensource-wg-chairs [at] ripe [dot] net by noon on Tuesday during the RIPE Meeting if you want to present an update. Selection of talks are done on Tuesday afternoon.
F.1 Kea Open Source DHCP Update
Victoria Risk, Internet Systems Consortium

A brief update on recent developments in Kea, primarily focusing on the High Availability support to be released very soon in Kea 1.4.
F.2 Could Blockchain Help in Inter-Domain Security?
Jordi Paillissé Vilanova, Polytechnic University of Catalonia