RIPE NCC Services Working Group

Wednesday, 16 May 16:00 - 17:45

A. Administrative Matters [5 mins]
B. RIPE NCC Update [20 mins]
Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC
C. RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund [15 mins]
Alastair Strachan, RIPE NCC
D. GDPR Implementation at the RIPE NCC [20 mins]
Maria Stafyla, RIPE NCC
E. RIPE NCC Arbitration Procedures [15 mins]
Keith Mitchell, RIPE NCC Arbiter
F. The IANA Review Committee - Are We Getting What We Need from the PTI? [10 min]
Nurani Nimpuno, Asteroid
G. Open Microphone Session [5 mins]
Z. Any other business