Monday, 14 May 09:00 - 11:00

Event-driven Network Automation and Orchestration
Mircea Ulinic

One of the major challenges in networking is the diversity of data representation, often vendor specific. Vendors APIs are inconsistent and incomplete, some mainstream platforms areclosed and custom software is not allowed on your device.

By combining Salt proxy minions with third-party libraries such as NAPALM, which presents the data in a vendor-agnostic shape, we are able to leverage the DevOps methodologies in networking.

NAPALM support is now integrated in the official Salt releases, beginning with Carbon and improved in Nitrogen. Beyond cross-vendor configuration management, reaction to internal and external network events becomes easy and there are no orchestration boundaries.

In this tutorial, we will learn how we can leverage Salt for event-driven automation, reacting with configuration changes, alerts, or different types of notifications (email, SMS, web hooks, etc.) in response to network state changes. While Salt is flexible enough to be extended for any business logic and ingest the events from any resource, in this session we will focus on exploiting the syslog messages received from the network devices via a third-party, open source daemon, napalm-logs which provides the platform abstractisation for the syslog messages.

Where: Main Room

Monday, 14 May 09:00 - 11:00

IPv6 Security Course Preview
Alvaro Vives, RIPE NCC

This is a condensed version of the RIPE NCC’s new IPv6 Security Training Course. The tutorial is aimed at achieving the following goals:
  1. Raise awareness of our training material
  2. Get across key ideas on IPv6 security
  3. Leave attendees eager to find out more about IPv6 security
We’ll be looking at how a new mindset is needed when it comes to IPv6 and security and we’ll discuss several emerging topics and trends. We’ll also work through demos that recreate some of the attacks we’ve been seeing, helping attendees to learn how to protect against them.

  • IPv6 security myths
  • New kids on the block:
    • Extension Headers
    • Addressing/scanning
    • Neighbour Discovery Protocol (NDP)
    • Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD)

Where: Side Room

Monday, 14 May 09:00 - 11:00

SRv6 Network Programming: Technology Update and Deployment Use-Cases
Pablo Camarillo Garvia, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Segment Routing is a new network architecture that leverages the source routing paradigm to remove state from the network. The IPv6 instantiation allows for the delivery of a so-called network program where a packet traverses the network executing functions on different nodes of the network. These functions can be NPU-related functions or complex VNFs running in containers. In this way, we can leverage SRv6 for overlays, underlays and service chaining all from one single protocol.

In this session, we will give a brief overview on SRv6, explain the concept of ‘network as a computer’ and walk through the main deployment use cases.

Where: Tutorial Room