Measurement and Tools Working Group

Thursday, 17 May 16:00 - 17:30

A. Introduction: Welcome, Scribe, Jabber, Agenda [5 min]
B. Opportunities and Challenges of Ad-based Measurements from the Edge of the Network [15 min]
Patricia Callejo
C. Real Time Monitoring and Troubleshooting of Web Browsing Sessions [15min]
Antoine Saverimoutou
D. Multi-Gbps HTTP Traffic Analysis in Commodity Hardware Based on Local Knowledge of TCP Streams [15 min]
Carlos Vega
E. Perceptual Evaluation of Web-Browsing [15 min]
Diego Neves da Hora
F. RIPE NCC Tools [15 min]
Robert Kisteleki
G. Measuring Routing Insecurity at the Global Scale [10 mins]
Andrei Robachevski
Z. AOB [5 min]