This is a draft agenda: changes are still being made.
  • TCP and BBR
    Geoff Huston, APNIC
  • Memcache Amplification DDoS: Lessons Learned
    Artyom Gavrichenkov, Qrator Labs
  • Link Discovery in Large-scale Data Centers
    Randy Bush, Internet Initiative Japan / Arrcus
  • Building Commodity-Based Networks
    Richard Sheehan, Facebook
  • Real-Time BGP Toolkit: A New BGP Monitor Service
    Martin Winter, Hurricane Electric
  • On the Challenges of Network Traffic Classification with NetFlow/IPFIX
    Pere Barlet-Ros, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC)
  • Combining Open Source and Open Standards
    Charles Eckel, Cisco Systems
  • Practical Data Sources For BGP Routing Security
    Job Snijders, NTT Communications
  • Rebuilding a Network Data Pipeline
    Louis Poinsignon, Cloudflare
  • Towards IPv6 Only: A large scale lw4o6 deployment (rfc7596) for broadband users @AS6799
    Kostas Zorbadelos and Yannis Nikolopoulos, Otenet
  • BGP Flexibility and its Consequences
    Alexander Azimov, Qrator Labs
  • Promoting the Promise of Programmable Packet Processing with P4
    Aaron Glenn
  • TTLd: Total TCP Loss detection
    Louis Plissonneau
  • Using Traffic Snapshots to Detect DDoS Attacks
    Gilles Roudiere, LAAS-CNRS
  • RFC 6980 Implementations on Different Operating Systems
    Jacky Hammer, ERNW GmbH