Internet of Things Working Group

Thursday, 17 May 14:00 - 15:30

1. Administravia
2. Report on RIPE NCC IoT Activities
Marco Hogewoning, RIPE NCC
3. Privacy Implications of Sewage Testing for Illicit Drugs
Elif Sert, Istanbul Bilgi University

In smart cities of the future, many IoT devices will be deployed to monitor community behaviour while being designed not to collect personal data in order to preserve individual privacy. This presentation will question this view by examining the phenomenon of sewage testing to monitor community use of illicit drugs in communities.
4. RIOT - Networking from the Friendly OS Perspective
Matthias Waehlisch, Freie Universitaet Berlin

RIOT is the friendly operating system for the Internet of Things, targeting low-power IoT devices. In this presentation, we will report about the networking stack and deployment scenarios of this open source project.
5. SPIN - Security and Privacy for In-Home Networks
Jelte Jansen, SIDN

The SPIN project at SIDN Labs aims to explore -and prototype- methods so improve the security and privacy of home networks with regards to the IoT. Within SPIN, we research several topics, such as device traffic visualisation, automated recognition of (bad) patterns, device descriptions, and abuse handling.
6. Securing Internet of Things Devices: Closing the Gaps
Hugo Vincent, ARM

A lot has been published about the (in)security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices during the past few years. There is also no shortage of good ideas on how to secure IoT devices and the infrastructure. This presentation gives a brief overview of the comprehensive security approach developed by ARM to secure IoT devices and provides links to relevant software and hardware.
7. Role for the Numbering and Naming Community in the IoT Domain
Sandoche Balakrichenan - AFNIC

Both the numbering (RIRs such as the RIPE NCC) and naming communities (domain name registries such as Afnic) play an vital role in the current Internet infrastructure. This talk will focus on how the earlier mentioned communities will play the same vital role in the IoT domain.