16:05 < ncc_alun> Hi everyone, I'm  Alun from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Keep in mind that there is up to a 45 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
16:06 < ripe392> audio level is really low
16:06 < mdavNL> Volume is a bit low
16:06 < amd2-ripe> ncc_alun: can you tell someone that the audio level is very very low
16:06 < ncc_alun> We're looking into turning up the volume.
16:06 < amd2-ripe> o/
16:06 < ncc_alun> Bear in mind there may be a delay till it picks up.
16:07 < amd2-ripe> there we go!
16:07 < amd2-ripe> ncc_alun: thanks!
16:07 < boggits> much better
16:07 < farrokhi> @ncc_alun thanks. I wish we could see slides on the webcast as well.
16:08 < ncc_alun> Good! So Pere Barlet-Ros is first up talking about Challenges of Network Traffic Classification with NetFlow/IPFIX.
16:11 < boggits> slides are more important than presenter....
16:12 < boggits> especially when is pointing at things with his laser
16:23 < ncc_alun> @farrokhi Sorry - missed your comment there. The webcast will typically pick up slides now and then. The slides for this talk are also available here ( if that helps.
16:26 < ncc_alun> Pere is now taking questions from the audience.
16:26 < mickod-2110> hey guych2110
16:29 < ncc_alun> Presentation has ended.
16:30 < ncc_alun> Next up, Erik Bais on Why do we still see Amplification DDOS Traffic?
16:41 < boggits> please can you show the slides on screen not just follow the presenter
16:42 < ripe164> yeah, everybody uses their isp's email..
16:42 < ripe164> and customers are happy if i block their udp traffic
16:42 < boggits> Q. Why are you advocating software that doesnt appear to have been updated for 2 years? abuse io
16:43 < ripe164> naive
16:43 < Aziraphale> lol
16:43 < ncc_alun> Hi boggits - would you like me to present that question to Erik?
16:43 < boggits> pls
16:44 < ncc_alun> Could you give me your name and organisation please?
16:44 < balder> boggits: the github page has a more recent release from Nov 2017
16:45 < ncc_alun> Does that answer your question @boggits?
16:46 < boggits> mmm
16:46 < boggits> sort of
16:51 < ncc_alun> Ok - the presentation has ended.
16:52 < ncc_alun> Now for the lightning talks. First up, this is Jordi Palet Martinez on New Internet.
17:00 < Aziraphale> that's the whole idea, to make it impossible to DPI and censor ALL THE THINGS
17:01 < ncc_alun> Second lightning talk starting now.
17:02 < ncc_alun> Guillaume Mazoyer on his Peering Manager tool.
17:05 < mickod-2110> 🙂
17:05 < mickod-2110> "making peering great again" i like it
17:05 < prt-8676> it is the hugest best peering ever.
17:05 < Aziraphale> tremendous
17:08 < dnshane> People say it makes the best peers.
17:10 < ncc_alun> Guillaume's presentation is finished. Now time for an update on the RIPE Accountability task force from William Sylvester.
17:11 < ripe391> Will it be possible to see broadcast of Accountability BoF?
17:15 < ncc_alun> Sorry. BoFs are not recorded. They're essentially meant to be informal get togethers. Sorry about that.
17:16 < ripe391> As far as i remember, there was a request for this BoF exactly. Could you ask William?
17:17 < ncc_alun> Hi - sorry - didn't quite get in there on time.
17:17 < ncc_alun> Let me quickly check for you.
17:18 < ncc_alun> The session is over. Thanks for attending. (@ripe391: I'll stick around for a moment to follow up on your question)
17:20 < ncc_alun> As far as I know the session won't be recorded. Sorry!