16:01 < MarcoH_ripencc> hello all
16:01 < MarcoH_ripencc> NCC Services WG is about to start, people are coming in now
16:02 < MarcoH_ripencc> I am Marco, I work for the RIPE NCC and here to relay your comments in the mic
16:03 < MarcoH_ripencc> if you have any questions or comments, please make it clear you need it relayed and please provide your name and affiliation so I can say who the comment is coming from
16:05 < ripe932> Hi, there's no sound on the stream
16:06 < MarcoH_ripencc> we're checking
16:06 < MarcoH_ripencc> other people have audio?
16:06 < amd2-ripe> it's a very quiet Kurtis
16:06 < amd2-ripe> oh, there we was, just got audio
16:06 < MarcoH_ripencc> okay
16:06 < ripe932> yep, just got audio
16:07 < MarcoH_ripencc> Axel now started his update - is he audible?
16:22 < MarcoH_ripencc> Axel is about to wrap up his presentation about the RIPE NCC update. Please let me know if there are any questions.
16:25 < MarcoH_ripencc> floor is now open
16:25 < MarcoH_ripencc> Kurtis is closing
16:26 < MarcoH_ripencc> next presentation will be Alastair, presenting the Community Projects Fund
16:27 < rhe-786> (Just as an aside, six candidates isn't a record -- there were seven in Berlin in 2008, and that was with paper ballots.)
16:27 < rhe-786>
16:28 < rhe-786> That was a fun evening.
16:28 < MarcoH_ripencc> remember that one
16:29 < MarcoH_ripencc> (thanks for reminding me, getting old)
16:31 < Aziraphale> This man knows how to dress
16:31 < MarcoH_ripencc> I am sure he will be delighted to hear - I'll relay that to him privately
16:31 < Aziraphale> cool 🙂
16:32 < keith_24865> _not_ sunbathing WG attire 🙂
16:33 < MarcoH_ripencc> Whatever happened to the non-working group we started years ago on the 1st meeting in Dubai
16:33 < MarcoH_ripencc> in between and more serious news: any questions for Alastair?
16:34 < MarcoH_ripencc> he is about to finish
16:45 < MarcoH_ripencc> any questions for Maria regarding the RIPE NCC's GDPR implementation?
16:48 < MarcoH_ripencc> floor is open
16:50 < MarcoH_ripencc> Kurtis closed the mics
16:50 < jcurranarin> Note that "IP addresses potentially being personal data" is the result of them being potentially associated with an individual, whereas the RIRs deal with IP address blocks, which are associated with _many_ individuals via redelegation
16:51 < MarcoH_ripencc> I think Jordi's comments was in relation to webserver logs, where you capture individual addresses
16:52 < MarcoH_ripencc> Meanwhile Keith is now presenting about the arbitration process
16:52 < MarcoH_ripencc> get your questions ready, he is moving through it pretty quickly
16:59 < Aziraphale> Sascha Luck, for myself: Is binding arbitration even legal everywhere in the Service Region?
16:59 < MarcoH_ripencc> you want me to relay?
16:59 < Aziraphale> please
17:00 < MarcoH_ripencc> on the line
17:00 < Aziraphale> well, specifically declaring the justice system incompetent
17:00 < Aziraphale> ty 🙂
17:01 < MarcoH_ripencc> no prob
17:08 < MarcoH_ripencc> any questions for Nurani on the IANA Review presentation?
17:08 < MarcoH_ripencc> or feedback
17:09 < MarcoH_ripencc> floor is now open
17:10 < MarcoH_ripencc> Heads-up: next on the agenda is the Open Mic
17:10 < MarcoH_ripencc> which we're starting now
17:11 < MarcoH_ripencc> Meeting now closing
17:11 < MarcoH_ripencc> thanks all and bye