09:02 < ncc_alun> Hello all. I'm Alun from the RIPE NCC. The first plenary session is due to begin. If you have any questions for the speakers, please let me know your name and affiliation and I'll ask your question for you.
09:04 < irldexter> Just FYI there is no sound on the feed yet?
09:05 < ncc_alun> How about now?
09:05 < irldexter> Mirjam is talking but nothing online?
09:05 < irldexter> Thank you, sound now good online.
09:20 < ncc_alun> In case you missed it, questions for these brief talks on NOGs will be held till all the talks are over.
09:29 < irldexter> Hiya, would be ace to have a little more focus on slides, pretty please i.e. speaker and slides?
09:34 < ncc_alun> I can ask the webcaster. You can also open the slides via the button on the right of the video feed.
09:59 < ncc_alun> Mirjam is asking for any _quick_ questions. Do let me know if you have any.
10:00 < Lipowski> Hi all
10:02 < ncc_alun> Hi Lipowski - I'm afraid we're out of time for questions.
10:02 < ncc_alun> This part of the plenary has ended. Anna Wilson is now presenting.
10:02 < Lipowski> OK, no problem.
10:10 < ncc_alun> The presenter is asking for comments and questions.
10:20 < Sander> I agree with Jim and Brian, and I like the direction this is going
10:31 < ncc_alun> The session has ended.