14:02 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Hi everyone, I'm  Alvaro from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Keep in mind that there is up to a 45 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
14:02 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
14:03 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Edward Shryane has begun the presentation "Operational Update - RIPE Database".
14:13 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Edward Shryane has asked for questions.
14:24 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> The presentation has ended.
14:24 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Andrew Newton has begun the presentation "Current State of RDAP".
14:36 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Andrew Newton has asked for questions.
14:39 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> The presentation has ended.
14:39 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Maria Stafyla has begun the presentation "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)".
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15:10 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Laurenz Wagner has begun the presentation "A Modern Chatbot Approach for Accessing the RIPE Database".
15:15 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Laurenz Wagner has asked for questions.
15:16 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Now it's time for "NWI-5 Out of Region ROUTE(6)/AUT-NUM OBJECTS Implementation"
15:19 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Any questions or comments about NWI-5?
15:21 < AndrewAlston> I'm happy to supply a test prefix - AfriNIC space - against our RIPE ASN - let's do a reachability test - because for some of us - that are both RIPE and AFRINIC members - and sitting on RIPE asn's - we cannot properly register our route objects in teh AFRINIC database - it won't let you because of the ASN not being in region in AFRINIC - and that leaves me with significant concerns as to potential impact
15:23 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Could you tell me your name and organisation please?
15:23 < AndrewAlston> Apologies - Andrew Alston - Liquid Telecommunications
15:23 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Thank you, I will read your comment out when the presenter asks for questions.
15:33 < AndrewAlston> sorry if this comes out as a repeat - I got disconnected from the irc channel
15:34 < AndrewAlston> lol seems comment is 2 long - wil break it up
15:34 < AndrewAlston> <AndrewAlston> Andrew Alston - Liquid Telecom - and in many ways I agree with Job, however, while I am not opposing the change, I am asking that the RIPE community work with the global community to ensure that this is done in a way that is properly tested and without adverse impact where necessary.
15:34 < AndrewAlston> If we need to get changes made to the databases at the other RIR's to make sure that objects can be properly registered there, let us do that, but let us work together and not in isolation and avoid massive potential impact
15:34 < job> Yes of course
15:35 < AndrewAlston> job - my issue here is - and I do not blame RIPE or the RIPE community for this - but this has not been talked about to the AFRINIC members at all - even when RIPE presented in Dakar last week
15:35 < AndrewAlston> that is a problem - and I blame AFRINIC for that - but it is a problem none the less
15:35 < job> and if anyone suspects any issue related to route objects working in RIPE, but not when hosted in AfriNIC, let me know: job [at] ntt [dot] net
15:36 < AndrewAlston> job - my problem is - I cant register my route objects in AFRINIC right now 🙁 It wont let me
15:36 < job> then ask the afrinic hostmaster
15:36 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Andrew, do you want me to say something on the mic?
15:37 < AndrewAlston> Alvaro the first part that started with "Andrew Alston - Liquid Telecom"
15:37 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> OK
15:37 < AndrewAlston> what I said about needing to get the changes made in other RIR's and working together
15:38 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> Got it
15:43 < Alvaro_RIPE_NCC> This session has now ended.