09:01 < ncc-chafic> Good Morning
09:02 < ncc-chafic> Hi everyone, I'm Chafic from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for.
09:02 < ncc-chafic> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
09:03 < ncc-chafic> Petr Spacek has begun the presentation on NSEC Aggressive Caching Measurements
09:04 < AlexBand> Here's a good primer on Agressive NSEC
09:24 < ncc-chafic> Petr is now taking questions from the audience
09:25 < dnshane> I'm surprised that there is a real, production zone with 1M names.
09:26 < arj> one that's not a TLD you mean?
09:26 < arj> maybe something IOT
09:26 < arj> or web scale 🙂
09:28 < dnshane>
09:28 < dnshane> 😉
09:28 < ncc-chafic> Presentation has ended.
09:28 < ncc-chafic> Next up, Geoff Huston on Measuring ATR
09:42 < dnshane> I love a good "name and shame" slide.
09:48 < dnshane> Was ICMP port unreachable deprecated or something?
09:49 < dnshane> (I'm wondering why Geoff says that we should be filtering it.)
09:50 < arj> I was wondering the same thing
09:51 < arj> I do know to (agressively) ratelimit it, with exponential backoff
09:51 < ncc-chafic> Geoff is now taking questions
09:54 < dnshane> "It's the DNS. You have to lie."
09:56 < zajDeee> Is there a way how to manually test our resolvers against the APNIC test DNS server?
09:57 < dnshane> @zajDeee do you want that question asked at the microphone?
09:57 < zajDeee> meaning: can we get the test query, DNS server address, and run it ourselves? It's not included in the presentation.
09:57 < zajDeee> @dnshane: that would be great, yes, please
09:58 < ncc-chafic> sure, Could you give me your name and organisation please?
09:58 < zajDeee> Radek Zajic, Internet citizen. 🙂
09:58 < ncc-chafic> Thanks
10:06 < ncc-chafic> Presentation has ended.
10:06 < ncc-chafic> Last presentation for this session by Moritz Muller on DNSSEC Rollovers 
10:06 < zajDeee> Thanks
10:06 < ncc-chafic> most welcome
10:23 < ncc-chafic> Moritz is now taking questions from the audience
10:32 < ncc-chafic> Presentation has ended; The session has now ended.